MSI Service Delivery: Community Health Workers

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MSI started out providing services in 1976, from static centers within towns and cities. Since then, we have expanded our delivery model so that we now offer our services in lots of different places and ways.

Each channel follows the same set of standards for providing services under the MSI brand. This means that however, and wherever, a woman
chooses to access our services, she will receive the same high level of care and client-focused service.

Community Health Workers

We have built links with health workers who are already based in the communities we work in – people who are already known and trusted in their local areas for providing health information and services. We’ve trained them up to become MSI representatives, so that they can provide information, counselling and services for us.

  • Tapping into existing networks – and building on the relationships community health workers already have with people locally – is giving us another way to deliver reliable contraception information and services to clients. And it means we can do it faster and more cost effectively than if we tried to set up services in those communities from scratch.

Our Global Impact Last Year


women using a MSI
method of contraception


unintended pregnancies


unsafe abortions prevented


pregnancy-related deaths prevented