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How outreach works

Millions of women in rural and remote communities want to avoid pregnancy – but their nearest doctor or clinic may be many miles away.

That’s why our hundreds of outreach teams come to them, traveling long distances to bring contraception and safe abortion to people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to services.

  • We visit over 30,000 locations each year, often providing services from rural public health facilities or setting up large tents.
  • We do whatever it takes to deliver contraception and safe abortion (where legal), even in the world’s most remote areas. Our teams travel by land and water and work through periods of political instability in places like Afghanistan and Mali. We continued providing contraception through Sierra Leone’s Ebola crisis and civil war.
  • Our outreach teams bring high-quality, free or subsidized services to the millions of people who still lack access to contraception – particularly young and very poor clients, and those who have never used contraception before.

Delivering choice

When Aku Amag heard that an MSI outreach team would be arriving at her village in rural Ghana, she saw a chance to take control of her future. With two young children already at home, she knew that she and her husband couldn’t afford another pregnancy.

“I have never used contraception before, but it will help me space my births and plan our family.” – Aku
A young woman from Ghana visits an MSI Outreach team.

At outreach sites around the world, women like Aku receive family planning services that help them achieve their dreams for themselves and their families. Click here to read more of Aku’s story on Medium.

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