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Low-cost, high-quality contraceptives

Everyone should have access to affordable contraceptives like condoms and contraceptive pills. But in rural and remote regions of the world, people can experience difficulty accessing short-term and emergency contraception.

By selling our own brand of contraceptive products, we can make reproductive healthcare products as easily available in towns and remote villages as tea, cigarettes, or Coca Cola. And by bringing contraception closer to the client, we’re able to offer information and referrals to outreach or clinic facilities for people interested in long-term or permanent methods.

  • We market and distribute low-cost and free condoms, pills and other health products through pharmacies, community-based distributors and other private providers.
  • We distribute products in 16 countries, and we've seen great success. In Mongolia, we provide about 70% of the country's contraceptives!
  • We make sure that people have the option to buy high-quality, affordable contraceptive products, no matter where they live.

MSI Senegal Social Marketing Agent Bernadette Dione

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