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MS Ladies: Mobile midwives

Too many women are still denied the right to determine their own future. In fact, in some of the regions where we work, social stigma around sexual health means women can't always seek out the services we provide.

That’s why we launched MS Ladies: To reach women who would otherwise be unable to use contraception with accessible, discreet services from trusted community-based providers.

  • MS Ladies may be nurses or midwives, or even committed women from other walks of life, who we train and support to provide contraception and follow-up care.
  • Our more than 800 MS Ladies across 15 countries share an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong desire to help people within their communities access contraception and safe abortion services.
  • MS Ladies work from home, visit clients in their homes, or rent space at local community centers. Their flexibility helps us reach more people in underserved, densely populated areas.
An MS Lady stands in front of a hut.

Trekking for choice

Durga, one of our MS Ladies in Nepal, knows that if she doesn’t make the days-long trek out to remote villages, the women there will have no way to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Watch the video to see how her work gives women control over their bodies and futures.

MS Ladies like Durga go to extraordinary lengths to reach the women they serve. Click here to read about how MS Ladies in Uganda help end stigma around contraception.


Want to know more about how MS Ladies work? Check out our factsheet!

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