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Our Blue Star providers

We know that we can’t reach all the women who need our services on our own. That’s why in 2004 we established a social franchising network, where we partner with existing private health providers who can deliver high quality contraception and safe abortion services (where legal) on our behalf.

  • 2,600 private healthcare providers work under our BlueStar social franchise brand, delivering family planning services to poor and under-served women.
  • We take responsibility for the quality of services our franchisees provide, offering extensive training, ongoing assessment and other support.
  • Social franchising allows us to quickly scale up access to contraception and safe abortion, expanding access to choice in a sustainable way.

High-quality care

With a background in nursing and midwifery, Elizabeth Pappoe has seen first-hand the dangers of unsafe abortion. That’s why she works with BlueStar providers in Ghana to provide lifesaving care after unsafe abortions. The providers she supports also offer counselling on contraception, to prevent future unwanted pregnancies.

“I enjoy maternal and reproductive health a lot, as women are special. I like helping women who find out they are pregnant and don’t want to be. I don’t like people to be in pain or to suffer – this is why I decided to be a nurse.” – Elizabeth
Elizabeth Pappoe, an MSI team member from Ghana.

Team members like Elizabeth help ensure our more than 3,600 social franchise partners provide client-centered, high-quality care for every woman who walks through their doors.

Our Global Impact Last Year


women using a MSI
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unintended pregnancies


unsafe abortions prevented


pregnancy-related deaths prevented