Scientific American highlights the importance of empowering women in curbing population growth

In earlier this year, Scientific American featured an extensive piece on investing in women and family planning entitled, "Africa's Population Will Soar Dangerously Unless Women Are More Empowered," featuring a photo from MSI's work in Kenya.

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An excerpt from the family planning in Africa piece states:

"Mauritius and Tunisia demonstrate that the key to trimming family size is a consistent focus on improving women's lives, including economic opportunities and legal guarantees that are as equal as possible with those for males. Despite perceptions to the contrary, national economic growth alone does not push fertility down powerfully."

How can the rest of Africa duplicate such success? The first step is to recognize that women and couples, not governments, hold the right to decide how many children to have. Women who are treated by their governments and the people around them as equal to men are more likely to conclude that they should decide whether and when to become pregnant, with the net result being smaller family size."

You can read the entire article on Scientific American's website here.

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