CNN examines the dire consequences of the Mexico City Policy

Women in Uganda starting to feel the impact of a policy that cuts off their access to contraception

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Mudua Scovia, a 22-year-old mother of five children and already a widower, works as a farmer in Uganda. She receives contraception through Marie Stopes Uganda (MSU), but - as CNN recently reported - her access to family planning is now at risk. "Women like Mudua, thousands of miles away from Washington and the White House, are the ones starting to feel the reverberations of US President Donald Trump's Mexico City Policy, reintroduced in January amid a slew of executive orders from the newly inaugurated President," according to CNN. 

The piece highlights how in Uganda, 94% of Marie Stopes' outreach work, which aims to bring contraception to women in rural and remote areas, is funded by the US Government through the US Agency for International Development (USAID). USAID support for MSU will soon disappear due to the Mexico City Policy, which over the next three years could result in an extra 1.1 million unplanned pregnancies in Uganda from the loss of MSU services alone.

Read the full CNN article here.


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