The Guardian details deadly consequences of the Mexico City Policy

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The Guardian features Marie Stopes International (MSI) in a new piece that sheds light on the deadly consequences of President Trump’s reinstatement of the Mexico City Policy, as well as expanded cuts to global health assistance. Using client stories and MSI data, the piece paints a vivid picture of what will happen as the impact of the policy plays out and family planning programs are starved of funds.

“With one devastating flourish of the presidential pen, worldwide progress on family planning, population growth and reproductive rights was swept away. Now some of the world’s poorest women must count the cost.”

In 2016, MSI received 17% of our grant income from the US government. Now, we are working harder than ever to continue delivering services, but the massive funding gap will be hard to fill. The piece quotes Megan Elliott, chief operating officer at MSI, who says the Mexico City Policy will prevent us from reaching 6 million women with contraception in coming years—leading to an additional 2 million abortions. The worst part? Most of those abortions will be unsafe, putting women and girls at risk.

To find out more about the Mexico City Policy's impact on the world's most vulnerable women, read the full piece here.


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