PBS: Global Gag Rule is about more than just abortion

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PBS NewsHour features Marie Stopes Kenya in a new segment about the deadly effects of President Trump’s Global Gag Rule, also known as the Mexico City Policy.

The rule, reinstated just 72 hours after President Trump took office, bars us from receiving US Government funds if we provide or discuss legal abortion care, even with our own resources. Now we face a $30 million annual funding gap that drastically impacts our ability to deliver life-saving reproductive healthcare to women and girls all over the world.

In the segment, Marie Stopes Kenya country director Dana Tilson reiterates why we will not sign onto the administration’s conditions:

The reason is rights and principles. And, yes, women and girls will lose their lives because of this gag rule, but we’re not going to be gagged.

The effects of this policy have already taken hold on our programs in countries around the world. To learn the stories of women and girls affected by the Global Gag Rule, visit our interactive web portal or watch our video that gives you an intimate peek at why our work is so important.


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