Post-Abortion Family Planning: Meeting women’s needs, no matter what

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No method of contraception is 100% effective, and unplanned pregnancies will always occur. Sadly, too many women around the world are forced to resort to unsafe and dangerous methods of ending their unplanned pregnancies.

Today, unsafe abortions account for at least 13% of global maternal deaths.

That is why, in all of our programs, Marie Stopes offers immediate life-saving medical care to women suffering complications from unsafe terminations. Furthermore, where we’re legally able, we are committed to offering the highest-quality safe abortion care to ensure women don’t have to resort to dangerous and life-threatening methods. We believe that the right to safe abortion is universal.

If a woman has decided to end a pregnancy and comes to us for an abortion, the procedure is just one part of the service we provide.

We are there to offer emotional support and post-abortion family planning for all women who have had an abortion, miscarriage, or received emergency medical care from complications due to an unsafe method.

Offering comprehensive abortion and family planning care in Nepal

In Nepal, where abortion is legal within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy for any woman upon request, medical abortion access has become widespread in urban areas. However, many pharmacies that sell medical abortion pills do not always advise women how to prevent future unplanned pregnancies.

To address this, Marie Stopes has made post-abortion family planning a focus of our continuum of care for our clients.


Archana Gupta came with her husband, Bimal, to access safe abortion care from Marie Stopes Nepal.  “Since we have three children, we had thought ‘now our family is complete’ and decided not to have further children,” Bimal explained. Unfortunately, Archana became pregnant.

The couple began to worry about the well-being and education of their three children – two girls and a boy. Additionally, Bimal noted, they were worried that another pregnancy would affect Archana’s health.

Following the successful procedure, the Marie Stopes provider counseled the couple on appropriate family planning methods to avoid any future unwanted pregnancies.

MSI offers many different contraceptive options for women post abortion, including short-term, long-acting and permanent methods. We also support each women in choosing the best option for her, depending on her, lifestyle, plans for her future, and the type of abortion procedure she had. Archana decided on the 5- year implant.

Now, she is pleased to be leaving with the assurance that she is protected. “I feel happy. If someone comes to me, then I will recommend them to go to Marie Stopes and tell that there are good doctors.”

“We came to the right place,” Bimal concluded.

Post-abortion family planning counseling and services is just one important way that we meet the needs of women like Archana in the 37 countries where we work.  No matter how a woman reaches Marie Stopes, our providers will be there to serve her needs with judgment-free and quality care.


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