Factsheet: Global Gag Rule hurts women in Zimbabwe and Madagascar

Two million women are slated to lose access to MSI services by 2020 because of the Global Gag Rule. Our programs in Zimbabwe and Madagascar have been particularly hard-hit by these funding cuts that prevent us from reaching women in vulnerable communities.

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The US Government previously funded our outreach and voucher programs in Madagascar. Funding cuts incited by the Global Gag Rule are having devastating effects on women and girls' health in a country where more than 80% of the population lives below the poverty line.

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Previously funded by the US Government, our outreach teams in Zimbabwe trek across challenging terrain to provide contraception to women in remote, underserved areas. Outreach teams have reached almost a half-a million women in Zimbabwe with contraception. Now, outreach teams that cover neary half of the country's most hard-to-reach populations are at risk of closing due to lack of funds.

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