Fast Company: How better branding encourages Kenyan teens to use contraception

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What does good branding have to do with contraception? For these teens in Kenya, it’s everything.

In a new piece, Fast Company highlights how we worked with design firm to create a brand in Kenya that elevates young people’s aspirations, as well as the benefits of using contraception. Of the program's success, marketing manager Roselyne Ouso of Marie Stopes Kenya says:

“Teenagers want information about contraception, but talking about it is still considered taboo unless girls are married."

The Future Fab program gives them a space to talk about their goals without judgment, and the ways contraception can help achieve them.

“One of the reasons it has been so successful is it looks holistically at all the barriers preventing girls accessing contraception, from the hopes and fears of the girls to the attitudes of their parents, the community, and the providers, as well as how to improve the services themselves," says Ouso.

Read the full piece from Fast Company.                       


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