Inside Philanthropy: Despite funding downturn, MSI's commitment to women remains strong

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In an era when women's health programs are under threat, Inside Philanthropy reports on our strategy for weathering the storm.

“President Trump has made a mission of cutting funding for women’s reproductive health, but funders and grantees are responding with changes of their own.”

Just over one year ago, President Trump reinstated the Global Gag Rule, which bars us from US Government funding because we provide or discuss abortion care, even with our own resources.

We’re grateful to the donors that have helped us thus far to mitigate the Global Gag Rule’s impact, but we face a cliff edge in 2018. Regardless of the Trump Administration’s willingness to fund our work, women still need us. To serve them, we need many more donors who are committed to women’s dignity and reproductive choice to close an $80 million funding gap.

Despite the downturn, MSI vice president and director of external affairs Marjorie Newman-Williams reports that not all skies are gray.

Read the full piece from Inside Philanthropy.


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