Newsweek: Trump's Global Gag Rule continues to have disastrous global outcomes

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Comedian and activist Chelsea Handler had a bold message in her recent piece for Newsweek. She claims that many recent Trump Administration policies have waged a war on women by preventing their access to contraception and safe abortion throughout the United States and urged her readers to vote for candidates who support a woman’s right to choose.

Handler wrote on the devastating impacts that President Trump’s Global Gag Rule has on women throughout the world who want and need contraception and abortion services.

“MSI, a London-based abortion and contraception provider that operates in 37 countries, estimates that the 2 million women it serves are losing access to all types of contraception from their organization alone due to the global gag rule defunding.”

She writes that access to contraception and abortion will positively impact issues ranging from teenage pregnancy rates to environmental resilience. Funding cuts for these services has a broad-reaching and disastrous outcome on many global issues.

Read the full piece here.



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