Washington Post: One year after Global Gag Rule, MSI remains committed to choice

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One year ago, The Washington Post Fact Checker series analyzed a claim by US-based reproductive rights advocacy group NARAL Pro-Choice America:

"The Global Gag Rule kills funding for ANY health center that even *mentions* abortion."

When President Trump first signed the Global Gag Rule in January 2017, the piece concluded, it was unclear exactly how its implementation would affect global health organizations

What was clear is that MSI could not agree to its conditions. Our core belief in individual choice means we will continue providing contraception and safe abortion care, where legal, to the women who need it–even if that means sacrificing US Government funding.

One year later, the Washington Post revisits the claim, given updates on the impact and implementation of the policy since it was signed last January. Speaking to MSI-US President Marjorie Newman Williams, The Post reports that more than 2 million women will lose access to MSI services as a result of the Global Gag Rule, and we still face a $30 million annual funding gap.

As a result, "the world’s poorest women and girls will be denied the contraception they need to prevent an unintended pregnancy"

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