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Free contraception to women in need

Ruth Hanif, a midwife in the eastern region of Pakistan, is passionate about giving women access to contraception. She doesn’t let anything stand in her way, because her work is urgently needed.

Due to lack of qualified providers, a large rural population and frequent natural disasters, it's uniquely difficult to provide reproductive health services in Pakistan. As a result, only 25% of married women are using a modern contraceptive method.

Ruth owns her own clinic and has been trained by MSI to provide free contraception to vulnerable women in remote areas. She works alongside a field worker who goes door to door, counseling married women about their contraceptive options and distributing vouchers for no-cost services at Ruth’s clinic.

A community midwife in Pakistan takes a client's blood pressure.

A midwife takes a client's blood pressure.

A community midwife in Pakistan walks to visit clients.

A midwife walks to visit clients.

A woman in Pakistan receives information from a community midwife.

A woman receives information about contraception.

Hope for the future

Farzana Allarakha, an impoverished mother of three children, felt desperate when she first walked into Ruth’s clinic. Unable to work after a farming accident, she was raising her children by herself. She knew she couldn’t afford another child.

Ruth determined that Farzana was eligible for free contraception, and Farzana seized the chance to avoid an unplanned pregnancy. After receiving counseling about all her options, Farzana chose an IUD that will protect her from pregnancy for the next ten years.

During follow up visits, Ruth noticed that Farzana seemed more optimistic. Because she no longer feared an unintended pregnancy, Farzana felt in control of her body and future.

Two community midwives walk to visit clients.

Two midwives walk to visit clients.

A community midwife in Pakistan speaks to a client and her two young children.

A midwife speaks to a client with her young children.

A community midwife in Pakistan talks to a group of women about contraceptive options.

A midwife talks to a group of women about contraception.

Our impact in Pakistan

MSI supports service delivery in Pakistan in collaboration with the local implementing partner, Marie Stopes Society (MSS). Providers like Ruth are making an impact for women in the communities they serve. Over the past decade, MSS services have prevented 6.9 million unintended pregnancies and over 7,000 pregnancy-related deaths in Pakistan.

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