Defying the odds: our impact in 2018

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We’ve made a promise to women and girls across the world to provide access to choice, quality contraception and safe abortion.

We faced many challenges in 2018, including the continued effects of President Trump’s Global Gag Rule. Our $50 million funding gap means 1.4 million women and girls will lose to access to our services and care by 2020. That translates into 1.8 million unintended pregnancies, 600,000 unsafe abortions and 4,600 avoidable maternal deaths.

While these statistics are jarring, we will not allow them to overshadow the progress we have and will continue to make against the odds.

In 2018, there were 30.2 million women using contraception provided by MSI. Forty percent of our contraception clients are under age 25. One in seven are age 20 and younger, the age group that most often wants and needs contraception but faces the most barriers to accessing it.

Our programs in sub-Saharan Africa traveled nearly 7.5 million miles in 2018 to provide services. That is the equivalent of flying to the moon and back 15 times, and it helped achieve the following in 2018:

12.3 million unintended pregnancies prevented
6.4 million unsafe abortions averted
32,046 maternal deaths averted
$587.3 million additional healthcare costs saved

With your ongoing support, we will continue to fulfill our promise to the world’s most vulnerable women and girls, no matter the odds.

Our Global Impact Last Year


women using a MSI
method of contraception


unintended pregnancies


unsafe abortions prevented


pregnancy-related deaths prevented