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Today, Rep. Nita Lowey and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen – with almost 200 congressional co-sponsors – introduced the Global HER Act to permanently repeal the dangerous Global Gag Rule. MSI applauds Rep. Lowey, Sen. Shaheen and their co-sponsors for championing women’s health and rights around the world.

Re-imposed and dramatically expanded by President Trump two years ago, the Gag Rule is directly harming vulnerable women and girls around the world by threatening their access to contraception and other vital health care. MSI still faces a $50 million funding gap through 2020 because we refuse to comply with the Gag Rule, which will deprive 1.4 million women and girls of our services if we fail to find replacement funding. This funding gap means 1.8 million unintended pregnancies and 600,00 unsafe abortions over the next two years due to the loss of MSI services.

Marjorie Newman-Williams, MSI-US President and VP for External Affairs, said:

“MSI applauds Rep. Lowey, Sen. Shaheen and all their congressional co-sponsors for standing up for women’s choice and rights by putting forth a permanent repeal to the shameful and dangerous Global Gag Rule.
The Global HER Act will help ensure providers like MSI can reach the 214 million women and girls globally who want modern contraception but can’t access it. It will help us ensure that access to safe abortion is an essential component of women’s reproductive health care. On behalf of the women and girls we serve, MSI thanks Rep. Lowey, Sen. Shaheen and their co-sponsors for their unfailing support of women and girls around the world.”

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