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From Bangladesh to Bolivia, from Madagascar to Malawi—around the world, MSI’s 11,000 team members bring contraception and safe abortion to women who need it.

In every country, the challenges may be different, but the need is the same: women and girls want to decide their own futures and want access to safe and effective means of preventing an unwanted pregnancy. That’s where the bold women of MSI come in: these dedicated providers will go any distance and overcome any barrier to reach women who need reproductive health care.

For Durga, an MS Lady in Nepal, that means trekking days through the mountains to reach women in the most remote villages, who otherwise wouldn’t have access to contraception. Without other options, many women face an unplanned pregnancy and resort to unsafe abortion. But Durga and her colleagues are working to prevent that. MSI’s services in Nepal last year prevented an estimated 179,000 unsafe abortions.

In Nigeria, as in many other places, contraception is still stigmatized—so Faith, an outreach nurse, has to be flexible. Her clients will often leave an information session, then come back later to receive contraception in secret. Her patience and compassion are a great comfort to her clients: MSI’s services in Nigeria in 2019 prevented an estimated 1.9 million unintended pregnancies.

Rosalia in Bolivia spends days on the road visiting remote communities, but her work doesn’t stop when she leaves the village. She created a WhatsApp group where her clients can share questions and concerns. Her careful listening ensures that her clients find the method of contraception that fits their lives. Because of providers like Rosalia and her team in Bolivia, 127,000 people in Bolivia were using an MSI-provided method of contraception at the end of 2019.

COVID-19 has thrown up new barriers to reproductive healthcare, but the bold women of MSI are undeterred. They’re finding innovative ways to reach clients during lockdowns—like in Uganda, where a new initiative makes it possible for women to order contraception on an app and have it delivered by motorcycle couriers.

Durga, Faith, and Rosalia—and the thousands of other MSI team members—are able to do this work because of generous donor support. Bringing choice to communities around the world isn’t easy, but champions for choice in the United States help our providers overcome challenges to reaching the clients who need them most.

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