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Dias Seck, a midwife with MSI in Senegal, was just ending a long day of outreach when a young woman arrived at the clinic. Safi* was 25 years old, and already had 7 children, some born less than a year apart.

“She was very tired,” Dias remembers. “Her husband didn’t allow her to have contraception.”

Dias had had a busy day. She travels up to 125 miles to reach remote communities with contraception, sometimes serving up to 100 clients a day. But Safi had found the courage to seek contraception despite her husband, and Dias knew she needed to help her. She invited her to come back the next day.

When Dias reached the outreach site at 8am, Safi was waiting for her. They had a long conversation about her options and hopes for the future.

“When the women don’t understand family planning, I make sure to explain everything to them very clearly,” Dias says. “All the methods, all the possibilities, so they can make their own decisions.” When Safi felt ready, Dias fitted her with an IUD.

Dias continued to treat Safi for parasites, as well as treating one of her children who had fallen ill. Safi got stronger—and, for the first time, started making her own decisions about her future. “She told me that she wouldn’t give her husband another child,” Dias said. “She was very happy with my work, and I felt so good having helped her."

Dias knows that when her clients are able to choose contraception, it impacts their whole lives. “For women who have contraception, life has changed a lot because they now have time to educate their children, and to take care of their husbands and themselves.”

Dias chose to spend time talking to Safi on a busy day—and it set Safi on a new path, one where she had control of her own life. Sign up now to get more stories of bold women who are bringing choice to their communities.

Dias, an MSI midwife in a blue smock/

Dias, an MSI midwife, at an outreach site in Senegal.

* Name has been changed to protect privacy

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