MSI United States applauds Supreme Court ruling

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Today, the US Supreme Court ruled against a requirement that all Louisiana abortion providers have ‘admitting privileges’ to a local hospital. This ruling allows the state’s three clinics to remain open to continue to provide abortion care for the people of Louisiana.

Marjorie Newman-Williams, President of MSI United States, said:

“Today’s Supreme Court ruling is a huge victory for choice and reproductive justice in the United States. Had it been adopted, it would have set a chilling precedent. We are thankful to the Center for Reproductive Rights and all the incredible pro-choice campaigners who raised their voices to challenge it.
“Laws and policies that block access to safe abortion do not reduce the number of abortions, they only force people to resort to unsafe methods and hurt poor and vulnerable people most. Our medical teams around the world witness and deal with the terrible consequences of this every day. We breathe a sigh of relief that the court has struck down this law and stopped the further erosion of reproductive rights in the United States.”

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