Blue Door Society

MSI’s Blue Door is a trusted sign for millions of women and girls.

The Blue Door Society is a vital source of revenue that keeps MSI programs running and helps them grow for greater impact. This is particularly crucial in the face of gaps created by the loss of US Government funding due to President Trump’s Global Gag Rule, which penalizes MSI because we provide safe abortions.

As a Blue Door Society member, you unite your philanthropy with others -

Creating a powerful force to safeguard reproductive choice and ensure that women and girls in many of the poorest, most marginalized areas of the world have access to contraception and safe abortion. By taking action together, Blue Door Society members ensure that MSI’s Blue Door will always be open to the millions of women and girls around the world who want control over their own bodies, access to reproductive healthcare and opportunities to pursue their dreams.

Member Benefits

It is our pleasure to recognize our valued Blue Door Society members with the following benefits.



You’ll support five providers in the Sahel, giving them the training to provide free reproductive health services. Benefits: A pair of bold MSI US socks and recognition in the MSI US Annual Report.




You’ll provide a long-term contraceptive method to 30 women in Nigeria. Benefits: Advocate benefits, plus a printed copy of the MSI US Annual Report.




You’ll provide 50 women in rural Senegal with contraception. Benefits: Trailblazer benefits, plus an invitation to our State of Reproductive Freedom call with MSI US President, Marjorie Newman-Williams




You’ll allow our outreach teams in Yemen to provide services to more than 800 women and girls. Benefits: Catalyst benefits, plus an invitation to a panel discussion featuring an MSI Country or Regional Director.




You’ll allow MSI to train and support two facilities in Uganda to serve more than 1,200 women each year. Benefits: Ambassador benefits, plus an invitation to a call with a Country or Regional Director.

Region Spotlight

Discover your impact

Each year, through tailored communications and special events, the Blue Door Society will learn about how MSI delivers contraception and safe abortion services.

In 2021, we'll share updates from the country programs where your support is making an impact. This includes places like the Sahel, a region of Africa that has incredible potential thanks to its young population, natural resources and willing partners. But the region also faces significant challenges – including high rates of pregnancy-related deaths, social and cultural barriers to sexual and reproductive health services, limited access to quality care and some of the worst experiences of the climate crisis.

To help tackle these problems, MSI has been delivering services in Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and Senegal by:

  • Working alongside government healthcare providers.
  • Sending outreach teams to remote and underserved areas, where government healthcare services don’t reach people in need.
  • Supporting mobile midwives, our MS Ladies.
  • Building networks of private providers able to deliver reproductive health services.
  • Selling sexual and reproductive health products through commercial channels.

In 2020,

32.6 million women were using an MSI method of contraception

Our services prevented

13.4 million unintended pregnancies

65.6 million unsafe abortions

35,000 pregnancy-related deaths

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