In her own words: The life-changing power of care

Access to reproductive health care can change a woman’s life. In the 37 countries we work in worldwide, Marie Stopes International has seen how contraception and safe abortion give a woman the power to choose when she has children so she’s free to pursue her dreams for herself and her family.

Over the coming weeks, we will share stories from our programs across the globe. You’ll hear stories of women whose lives were transformed by access to the contraceptive method of her choice, or safe abortion care. You’ll also hear from our local teams of professionals who are passionate about the work they do to provide personalized services to women and girls.

These stories underscore that our mission remains as critical as ever. In January 2017, President-Elect Trump will direct the US Government’s international development and reproductive health agenda, where he holds no voting record. With this uncertain future, we need your help now to safeguard women's reproductive choice worldwide. No matter what the future holds, MSI is committed to doing all we can to ensure every woman who wants to plan her future has that choice. Your support makes this life-saving work possible.


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