In her own words: Dinh's Story

"I hope that my child will have better opportunities and access to education than me and my husband."

Dinh is 22-years-old and lives in Yen Bai province, an agricultural-based region in the northern part of Vietnam. When she finished lower secondary school a few years ago, she left her hometown to travel to Hanoi for work. When she reached the capitol city, she found work as a garment apprentice, and later became employed by a garment company.

After getting married two years ago, Dinh moved to Yen Bai. Now she describes her condition as very difficult: her husband works two jobs, and Dinh stays at home to look after their 9-month old baby and do some agricultural work when she can. Her husband’s income is limited, and the profit from the agriculture work depends heavily on unpredictable weather and farming conditions.

“I hope that my child will have better opportunities and access to education than me and my husband.”

In Yen Bai, MS Vietnam (MSV) regularly sends outreach teams to bolster the reproductive health care capacity of government health centers. MSV joins government health providers to improve family planning counseling and services, including long-term and permanent contraceptive methods. In one day at the local clinic, MSV and local staff serve more than 50 women with long-term contraception and gynecological exams.

In meetings with women in her community, Dinh would often hear them talk about Marie Stopes’ contraceptive methods, and she became interested in learning more about the intrauterine device (IUD). Dinh traveled to the government clinic to speak with experts from MSV about her long-acting contraceptive options.

“If there was no (MSV) outreach program, I would be very shy to come to the government clinic to get services. Many women in the community come to the MSV outreach site to get counseling and services, so I feel more confident and recommend it to other young mothers in my community.”

Dinh decided to get an IUD—a long-acting, reversible contraceptive device—to be able to plan and make sure her family is ready for another child in the future.

“I don’t want to have any more children until my family is more prepared.”


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